The Tiny Human Tamer

Postpartum Doula Services

As a postpartum doula, it is my job to ensure an empowered, happy, and healthy family.

I achieve this by providing prenatal and postpartum support to the family as a whole. This includes prenatal visits to help you prepare for postpartum, hospital visits to support you immediately after birth, and postpartum visits to help you transition into your new life with a tiny human. 

Postpartum care is generally scheduled as 4-8 hours a day as needed to help the new family. During a shift, I can be found doing household chores, meal preparation, baby care, or helping you process your birth story. I offer completely unbiased, evidence-based support and education to empower you to become the parent you want to be.

Postpartum doula services start at $28/hr and require a 4 hour minimum shift.


What They Say

Emily W.

“It is a Christmas miracle- 12 hours of sleep for little miss- and 8 for momma!”