The Tiny Human Tamer




Hi! I am Jessica, and I have over fifteen years of experience working with children and families. I started my career when I was still a child myself, working as the town babysitter in my small hometown. After high school, I joined the military to put myself through college. While serving my military contract, I kept pursuing options to work with children, often providing childcare overnight to birth doulas in addition to volunteering my time at the local child development center in the infant room. Once my service term was complete, I became a professional nanny to continue working with families.

The Fall after my honorable discharge, I enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Human Development and Family Studies program. Halfway through my studies, in order to take on nannying full-time, I transferred to Colorado State University, Fort Collins, where I was able to complete my BS in Human Development and Family Studies in 2016. Fascinated by the infant brain, I focused my studies on infant development. It was in this time I found my passion for healthy sleep and supporting new parents.

Since 2016, I have pursued extensive continuing education in the realm of the newborn, including my postpartum doula training where I learned how to mother the mother in her fourth trimester. In 2019, I started the training to become a Master Newborn Care Specialist. Caring for newborns and their families is, and has always been, my true passion. My goal always is to make parent’s lives easier and empower families.


What They Say

Emily W.

“It is a Christmas miracle- 12 hours of sleep for little miss- and 8 for momma!”